The Powerful One-Minute Rule!

December 14, 2022
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Do you struggle to stay on top of everything? You’re not alone! Read this article to discover how you can improve your time management skills.

Years ago, I read something that resonated with me and has become my life mantra!

The one-minute rule. If something takes a minute or less to do, then do it there and then. Don’t procrastinate and leave it for later as there is a high likelihood, it will either never get done or your to-do list will become a mile long, requiring a marathon effort to complete.

For instance, it only takes a few minutes to fold and put away the laundry. Leaving it in the basket ‘to-do’ it later only makes the pile grow bigger until it’s a lost cause.

Similarly, at work, I endeavor to reply to emails when I first come across them. I’ve realized that these mundane tasks never get done when pushed onto my to-do list. In fact, if I don’t do it immediately, I always pay for it later, sometimes spending precious time looking for things when they’re urgently needed.

This is a super simple and effective mantra to stay focused and on top of things. Try and give this rule a go!

Here are a few simple examples to get you started:

  • File away documents in the correct folder when you get them. This literally takes a minute, but it will save you so much time later.
  • Clean your Inbox daily. Okay, so this isn’t that straightforward. However, I’ve realized most of the clutter is caused by emails that require simple replies. People asking for stuff, clarifications, etc. Reply regularly to these, or you’ll never get to them until you start getting reminders.
  • If you tend to take short-hand notes in meetings, try to elaborate and clean them up straight after. The conversations are still fresh in your head, and it takes a few moments to jot down and fix your points for future reference. If not, it can take more time and effort to recall the details later.
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY – don’t skip meals. It can take less than a minute to grab a quick sandwich but it can save you from becoming HANGRY later.

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