Fostering global business connections for growth and learning.

Our B2B platform makes it easy for your business to:

Be found
by your future

  • Generate an inbound channel of customers through ads.

  • Get matched with others needing your services.

  • Have businesses vouch for you and improve your searchability.

with like-minded

  • Meet new businesses at our monthly business ‘speed dating’ events.

  • Get more referrals from your peers and increase the odds of your business success!

Find vetted

  • Access industry experts vetted by peers.

  • Outsource to specialists allowing you to focus on other aspects.

  • Access exclusive member offers from other BackBone members.

What’s our Vision?

BackBone will be the #1 B2B platform connecting businesses across the globe.

How about our Mission?

We match & facilitate meaningful new introductions to other businesses who will be ‘your’ future customers, business partners or peers!

What type of businesses are on BackBone

Our members span over 30+ industries and verticals, including but not limited to technology, retail, consulting, accounting, legal, marketing and more. They share common goals such as a desire to grow their brand visibility, connect with potential customers, partners, and industry experts and form strategic partnerships.

At BackBone, we’re not limited by geography – we serve businesses based anywhere in the world, making us a global B2B growth platform.

Our Team

Boss Lady

(aka our CEO)

Kavita Herbert

Kav has spent nearly two decades juggling tech unicorns like LinkedIn, Dropbox, Uber & Templafy. She’s made launching startups look as easy as a Sunday morning. Meet high-octane founder, Kav who is an engineer, MBA Marketing whiz and a 100% trailblazer. When she’s not casually setting up international businesses in Australia and New Zealand, you can find her masterminding operations (from tax and accounting to HR and recruitment, to crafting long-term GTM strategies that would make Sun Tzu’s ‘The Art of War’ look like a beginner’s guide). Kav has a track record of smashing sales targets, with a finesse that would make a ballet dancer jealous. With Kav at the helm, BackBone is all set to redefine B2B business matchmaking. Buckle up, folks! This is gonna be one heck of a ride.

Marketing Whizz-Kid

(our Marketing weapon)

Sonny Sethi

Meet Sonny Sethi, with a 20-year streak in various marketing roles, he’s a proven pro on wielding data-driven insights to fuel killer marketing strategies. From identifying the target audience to tailoring our messaging and supercharging our marketing strategies, Sonny’s got our back. His expertise has guided renowned brands like Uber, Nestlé, Foxtel, Kellogg’s, Telstra, Zip, and now he’s ready to help BackBone navigate the marketing maze. With Sonny in our corner, he’s not just making decisions, he’s making winning moves in the fast-paced world of business matchmaking.

Product Maestro

(our Product GTM advisor)

Daniel Iversen

Dan is our star-studded Product advisor who’s got more tech know-how in his little finger than most people accumulate in a lifetime. From building start-ups to leading heavyweight teams across Europe and Asia, Daniel’s been spinning the tech industry like a basketball on his fingertip. Currently crafting SaaS symphonies in Australia, he’s got the whole tech world dancing to his tune. With a resume boasting leadership roles in consulting, presales, customer success, general management, and much more. Fasten your seatbelts, because with Daniel on board, it’s not just a product launch; it’s a rocket launch!

Numbers Ninja

(our Finance guru)

Billy Shi

Billy is more than just a finance guru; he’s the Leonardo da Vinci of ledgers, and the Yoda of yield. With 25 years of experience in private and listed companies, Billy’s been playing the business game longer than some of us have been able to spell “entrepreneur.” His career journey has been more adventurous than Indiana Jones’, taking him from consumer goods to manufacturing, and from supply chain logistics to technology. Billy’s worn all the executive hats imaginable – all while creating magic in managing massive finance functions, implementing change management strategies, boosting compliance, controls, and productivity. Billy doesn’t just crunch numbers; he makes them sing sweet symphonies of success!

Tech Wizard

(our Technology head)

Srikar Maddi

Introducing Sri, our resident tech wizard with an 11-year saga in the tech domain. He’s the guy who’s been everywhere, from EdTech to InsurTech, and has turned product environments into growth hotbeds across the globe. Srikar solves problems before you’ve finished your coffee, and has introduced game-changing strategies, fresh product innovations, and scouting global talent to make BackBone sizzle. He’s not just a tech whizz, he’s an industry voice, gracing startup workshops, tech events, and panel discussions worldwide. Plus, as an advisor for a seed-stage startup funding angel network, he knows the ins and outs of the startup game.

What are the specific challenges that BackBone is designed to solve?

Small businesses lack resources so it’s difficult to maintain a consistent influx of leads and customers.

Our Solution

To gamify business promotion, connections, and learning. Also, revolutionising matchmaking for smaller companies.