One Complimentary Sales Process Audit OR Digital Strategy Audit

Sapphire Digital is committed to enabling startups and scale-ups to grow using Digital Marketing and Sales Enablement. We take pride in our ability to provide customised, scalable solutions that address the unique needs and ambitions of each client. By working closely with businesses to understand their growth goals and potential, we design effective digital strategies and implement technologies that drive growth, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

One Free Marketing Strategy
Session (30 mins)

Ecommerce Boost is a growth marketing agency that works with award-winning brands to help them grow revenue using the right marketing channel. We help you navigate the advertising landscape and/or unlock new customer acquisition channels. Have a chat with the experts at Ecommerce Boost.

Unlock the Power of In-Depth Market Insights!

Free consultation and a tailored fact-finding questionnaire.
Scale Research is a marketing research agency that works with small business owners to provide value-for-money marketing, product and UX research. Businesses can uncover actionable insights like customer understanding, target market determination, and test new products or features to propel their business strategy to new heights! 

30-Day Exclusive Free Trial of Eclipse AI

Empower your Product, Marketing and CX Teams with Customer Insights that Matter.
Eclipse AI offers an exclusive 30-day free trial for BackBone users. Unify omnichannel Voice-of-Customer data, analyse it at scale using AI, and generate specific and measurable actions that will help you improve CX and other performance metrics.

15% Discount on Empiraa Plans

Unlock the Power of Planning!
Empiraa, the simplest business
plan solution, offers a whopping
15% discount on all their plans.
Don’t miss out on this exclusive
opportunity for BackBone
members, to roll out your game
plan faster than ever!

3-Months Free Access to Asana Business

Elevate Your Team’s Efficiency!
Get an amazing 3 months free
access to Asana Business, exclusive
for BackBone members.
Experience how over 131,000
global customers across 190
countries manage everything
from company objectives to
digital transformation with Asana.

10% Off on a Range of Products

Stay Warm, Stay Stylish!
ToastyLife offers a 10% discount
on their entire range of 100%
recycled, weatherproof, and cosy
jackets. Grab this offer and stay
warm and dry even during the
coldest winter months. Perfect as
an employee gift, or to your
friends & family.

Free Credit & Financial
Health Check

Take Control of Your
Business Finances!
Swoop offers a free credit & financial health check for all BackBone members, along with a dedicated account manager. Discover the right funding solutions and make savings with Swoop.

$500 off a one-year business legal helpline with Sprintlaw

Book a call with a lawyer, get discounts on fixed-fee legal services, and send documents for e-signature through Sprintlaw’s award-winning portal – all for $299 for the first year and exclusive to BackBone members.

3-Months Free Access to UserLot

Empower Your Sales and Success Teams!
UserLot offers 3 months of free access to their platform, which offers a unique toolset & insights on retention risk and expansion opportunities. Take advantage of this opportunity to optimise customer relationships and generate more revenue.

Receive 25% of Revenue Generated from Every Referral 

Cash in on Referrals!
Bruntwork offers a lucrative deal – BackBone members receive 25% of revenue generated from every referral. Refer a business today and let the passive income flow in

$0 for First Advertising Creative

Creative Branding Without the Cost!
Aagneya Advertising is a corporate branding & advertising agency and is offering BackBone members their first creative brief at $0. Give your brand the creative boost it deserves without breaking the bank.

1 Hour Consultation on Customer Success Strategies

Master Your Customer Success Strategies!
Success Engine is an APAC customer success consulting, recruitment and tech solutions provider. For BackBone members, they are offering a free 1-hour consultation on customer success strategies.

1 Hour Consultation on Sales Planning & Strategy

Revamp Your Sales Planning & Strategy!
Tenet offers a complimentary 1-hour consultation on sales/SaaS recruitment planning. Get insights on hiring, value proposition, salary trends & tips to ensure your success in the current market.

1 Hour Consultation on Talent Strategies

Develop an End-To-End Talent Strategy!
FutureYou offers a 1-hour free consultation on developing talent strategies to attract, source, hire, develop, and retain top talent for your organisation with a focus on attracting, sourcing & hiring, development and retention strategies

$0 for Creation of First Personal Branding Video

Step Up Your Personal Branding Game!
Are You B2B offers the creation of your first personal branding video for $0, perfect for CEOs and founders. BackBone members, it’s time to weaponise your LinkedIn presence and make an impact.

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