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How does it all work?

You sign in to your profile using the link and password provided. Once you have access to your Business profile, you can bring it to life by adding your logo, banner, pictures, and other content/information to showcase your services offering. Most importantly, you will be able to invite other businesses to endorse you via a rating and/or review which will be featured on your profile moving forward contributing to better search ability!

Does the other business need to sign up to BackBone to provide the review?

As a minimum, we ask the other business to simply register for a free trial at this stage, prior to them providing the review. We do this to ensure only legitimate businesses are providing reviews. As a thank you, you both get a $100 advertising credit which can be used for a trial.

What is my rating when I first sign up?

All members start with a 5 star rating and a ‘New Member’ Badge to give them a strong start on BackBone. As other businesses commence endorsing them via a rating and/or review, the overall rating will remain at 5 stars or change accordingly. However, at the end of 6 months, if no endorsements have been received by that member, the overall rating for that member business, drops to an average 3 star rating.

How do I earn free subscription credit?

When you use the ‘Refer a friend’ tab, it auto-generates a custom link for you to refer to other businesses. When a non-member uses that link to sign up to BackBone, 1 month free subscription credit is automatically allocated to your account. All members can earn subscription credit but it can only be applied on an annual subscription at point of renewal.

Can free subscription credit be applied on a monthly account?

No, subscription credit earned can only be applied on an annual account and takes effect at your next renewal. If you are on a monthly account and have earned free subscription credit through referrals, you will need to move from a monthly to an annual subscription and apply the earned credit at the time of upgrading.

How do I earn advertising credit?

Advertising credit can be earned every time an endorsement is successfully given and received by a business. Members can use this credit to promote their business via the Self-serve Advertising portal.

How do I use my advertise on BackBone?

Members can use the available advertising credit to promote their business via the Self-serve Advertising portal that allows them to upload & preview the required image or gif. Members then enter the budget they’d like to allocate to the campaign, opt for their preferred advertising model i.e. CPM (Cost per impression) or CPC (cost per click), add targeting audience by industry(optional) and launch their advertising campaign.

What happens if I run out of advertising credit or have insufficient credit for my campaign?

If a member has insufficient advertising credit, a credit card can also be used to top up or pay for the campaign.

Can an advertising campaign be launched during a trial?

Yes, members can promote their business via advertising campaigns even while still on a trials.

Can I promote Events on BackBone?

Yes. All members can promote business events (both in-person & webinars) via the Self-Serve Events portal. This gives your event added exposure and allows other member businesses to browse events by date/company and register for events, relevant to them.