Cryptocurrency taxation myths: time for a reality check

Written by Campbell Gould,  Partner at Pitcher Partners Cryptocurrency is no longer confined to the fringe of organised crime and tech companies. The age of ‘digital currency’ has well and truly arrived and many Australians have taken to investing in crypto. Tax myths abound and not surprisingly, regulators worldwide, including the ATO, are on the […]

What will the ATO do if you are scammed out of your crypto?

Written by Campbell Gould,  Partner at Pitcher Partners On November 1 this year, the promoters of a new cryptocurrency named after the popular Squid Game Netflix series walked away with US$3.36 million ($4.65 million) — money that speculators had invested in the new currency after it became a short-term runaway success. Cryptocurrency, the best known of which […]

Construction is booming – so why are so many companies failing?

Written by Campbell Gould,  Partner at Pitcher Partners Sydney  Builders that don’t wish to become an insolvency statistic and remain competitive need to embrace technology and their people. Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Cranes are standing tall across capital city skylines and in the month of September alone, more than 16,000 new dwellings were approved for construction. […]

How to Address Business Email Compromise

Written by Mark Howarth, Founder- PhishNet As a multi-billion dollar entity, cybercrime is an all-present risk to the security of businesses. In a recent report by the Australian Cyber Security Centre, email compromise, business email compromise fraud, and online banking fraud rank among the top three cyber crimes against businesses in Australia. Because of these […]

Tax Time Myths Busted

Tired of the same old tax tips? Here’s some ‘between the lines’ information to keep in mind if you’re a small business owner.  Tax time is on the horizon again and along with it comes the barrage of tips and insights from accountants and financial experts. The information seems to be the same every year […]