Why Customer Experience Is the New Black

Research shows that customer satisfaction leads to greater customer retention, higher lifetime value, and a stronger brand reputation. Have you ever been to Fiji? If you stayed in one of those amazing resorts, you’ll remember the staff making eye contact and saying, “Bula!” every time you crossed paths with one of them.  Always remembering to […]

Why I built BackBone

Every business faces problems while scaling. To overcome these problems that giant search engines have somewhat failed to resolve, BackBone was built. I was DROWNING in admin – with no way to find the right support. That’s when Backbone was born. Before starting my own consultancy, I’d spent nearly two decades in the SaaS industry […]

Search Engines Are Failing You

Are search engines biased? Probably! Disrupt their world and prevail over all the issues of search engines. Read on to find out how.   Search Engines are FAILING YOU. Why? Because they’re DESIGNED to. When I started my consulting business, I was lucky. My first customers came to me.  They’d heard that I’d left my […]