Tax Time Myths Busted

Tired of the same old tax tips? Here’s some ‘between the lines’ information to keep in mind if you’re a small business owner.  Tax time is on the horizon again and along with it comes the barrage of tips and insights from accountants and financial experts. The information seems to be the same every year […]

First Key Positions You Need to Hire

Filling key positions in your business is an important step to success. But how to know who to hire first? Read on to find out! Feeling more like a juggler than a business owner? Running a business is such an exciting time. If you’re like many entrepreneurs, you’ll start with just yourself and perhaps one […]

How to Delight Your Customers with Improved Customer Experience?

When your customers are satisfied, they believe in the brand and become loyal. Read on to learn some ways to meet your customers’ expectations easily. We have been talking about customer satisfaction lately.  How do you improve customer satisfaction? It can be as simple as picking up the phone.     In these times of chatbots and […]

Why Positive Customer Experience Is Important

Customer satisfaction is the key to making or breaking brands. Satisfied customers are likely to purchase from you again.  A little friendliness goes a long way but even customer-facing staff forget sometimes.  To ensure your business is known for great attitudes, hire staff for attitude but also create scripts and set rules for them to […]

Why Customer Experience Is the New Black

Research shows that customer satisfaction leads to greater customer retention, higher lifetime value, and a stronger brand reputation. Have you ever been to Fiji? If you stayed in one of those amazing resorts, you’ll remember the staff making eye contact and saying, “Bula!” every time you crossed paths with one of them.  Always remembering to […]